Carol Is The Girl For Your Time in San Diego

Carol is sitting here looking like P-Diddy. Or at least sitting here, waiting for your phone call. Will you give her a ring? She's excited for you to give her a jingle so that she can get dolled up and ready for the big date. You'd have to be crazy not to want to go out on a date with this beautiful escort in SD.

  • Age: 26
  • Height: 5ft 4in
  • Weight: 112lbs
  • Cup Size: C Cup
  • Hair Color: DarkBrown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: USA
  • Orientation: Straight
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She Wants You To Call Her

Deep in the dark confinements of Carol's apartment, there sits a red phone. There is no dial tone. There is no dial at all. Just a red, corded phone, sitting there in the shadows. Listening. Waiting. Until it rings! It shoots to life her cat, which scampers out of the way, as it knows Carol will be in a hurry to answer it.

The phone, however, is not as simple to reach. It is not sitting there by the fridge or in the study. It is in the escort cave...or at least that's what she calls it...below her main living room. So when it rings, she must move to its calling. She runs to her pole. Some might call it a stripper pole. Whatever you call it, she wraps her long, silky legs around it, her breasts forming a canyon around the glistening hard metal, while she rides it down to her cave and the ringing, red phone.

She Will Look Her Absolute Best

She answers, out of breath, her thighs a bit sore from riding that thick piece of hardness. The voice on the other end is a familiar voice. The commissioner. The commissioner of the San Diego escorts service! It tells her the instructions. She has a date. A very important date. She hangs up, ready to take on the world, ready to service and to please. But first she must get ready. She must change into her escort in SD outfit. But what to wear? That, all depends on you.

Take Her Out Tonight!

It is you who puts in the call to the commissioner. You are looking for the incredible escort in SD date, but you need to decide what you'd like her to wear. Do you want regular going out on a date escort clothing, or do you want the aqua outfit (aka the escort bikini). All of this is very important, because Carol needs to properly configure her utility purse with the right assortment of tools and gadgets. You never know what sort of gadget she might pop out, when the situation arise. What is in the purse is a mystery to everyone else, but you'll fall in love with whatever it is, as you know it will be used for pleasure.

When you want to find the right girl in San Diego as your escort for the evening, you need a girl who takes her job seriously. A girl who aims to please and will let nothing get in her way. It is hard to get any more dedicated than having an escort cave with a sliding stripper pole and a red phone. When you wonder how red that phone is, just look at her shoes and you'll know how red it is. Not wearing red shoes? Well there must be a smaller article of clothing under the rest of her outfit that is red. Maybe you'll get to see it. But that's if she can trust you with the location of the escort cave.

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