Ella Is Your Girl Next Door

We've all had that crush growing up that has stuck with us. That one girl who occasionally think about and whether it was in high school, grade school or all the way through, we all remember her. Ella is that girl who got away, but thankfully you've tracked her down. Now you're just a phone call away from the perfect date.

  • Age: 24
  • Height: 5ft 3in
  • Weight: 106lbs
  • Cup Size: C Cup
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: USA
  • Orientation: Straight
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You've Been Dreaming Of This

There's something incredible waking up next to the perfect girl, turning over and seeing her standing there, in your shirt, naked legs stretched out as she goes about the house. it's satisfying. There's this feeling of belonging and connection the two of you share when she wears your shirt. It's especially incredible when it is the girl you've had a crush on for years (if not decades). While we can't promise you waking up to her or seeing her in your shirt, we do promise Ella is the girl next door you've had a thing for and she now is available for a date. And, you know how dates go. There's always that chance the two of you do end up waking up together. You can't get the job without the interview. Well, it is time to call in for that interview.

San Diego is a Beautiful City

This is a girl you've been dreaming about, in some shape or form, for years. What are you going to do now that you finally have the opportunity to spend time with her? It is your first big chance. You may of had dreams of this girl since you were a boy, but now you're a man and able to take control of the situation? Whatever you want to do, Ella is the perfect recipient of it. With her looks it just all comes together so incredibly. Perhaps you had the fantasy of just walking around town, eating ice cream and laughing the entire time. Maybe you wanted to wine and dine her at the best restaurant in town? Or maybe you had that Sandlot fantasy where you fake your own drowning and get to finally make out with Wendy Peppercorn? Hey, to each their own and now that you're out on a date with her, you can make it happen.

Anywhere In the City

Now, you may not have dreamed about being in San Diego while spending time with your long time crush, but the city itself is just the icing on the cake. It is a world class city with beauty all around you. And don't worry, if you had a specific fantasy about where to go or what you wanted to do with your crush, you will be able to experience it. Our escort agency in San Diego is here to make sure we connect you with Ella and even help with any pointers where to go or what to do. There are plenty of different activities and locations to do, but if you have something specific in this beautiful city, we want to make sure we help you out.

Our escorts can go with you anywhere you might want to be. Yes, we are the Visa of escorts. Whether you're looking for Carlsbad escorts or you want a different location, Ella will not just be the girl next door for you but she'll be the girl right next to you. So, if you want to make the date with your girl next door fantasy happen, Ella is your girl.

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