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Jodi Takes Her Love Of Fashion To The Next Level

jodi2Hello guys! My name is Jodi and I have always been a fan of all that revolves around the world of fashion! Ever since I was a little girl, I have tried on different outfits and modeled them for anyone who would watch. Now that I have grown, I still have the itch to have others watch me as I strut my stuff in the newest trends. Read on to find out more about how I brought my love of clothing to a new level.

I Started Off Working In A Retail Outlet

I got myself a job outside of San Diego in a posh clothing store. At the time, I was a cashier, but I quickly let my boss know how excited I was when new clothing lines came into the store. I would look at each one and help my boss set up displays, so they looked their best on mannequins. Well, this had boosted our sales tremendously, and I was given a job change where I would be a fashion consultant for those in need of specific outfits. It was a great job, but I still wanted more!

I Branched Out Into The Stripping World

In addition to my store job, I decided to take up stripping at one of the exotic dancing clubs in the city. I was quickly found to be a favorite among the gentlemen who frequented the establishment. From there, I decided to become an escort on nights I was not at the club. But back to the clothing....I loved the many outfits strippers had at their disposal to show of for those who came to watch them take them off. I was able to touch the fabric, imagine myself in different settings, and showcase the pieces so they were considered desirable on my body. I had such a knack for clothing selection, I wanted even more!

I Became A Model In What Time I Had Left

So, here I am now. I am a woman with many jobs, each with its own benefits revolving around the clothes I wear. I model lingerie and sexy role play clothing for an adult magazine. I love the clothing that I get to wear and feel like such a princess when I put the pieces on! Putting on velvet makes me feel royal while putting on leather makes me feel like a naughty, naughty girl. Perhaps you would like to see me model some selections for you? I get clothing set to me by suppliers to try out before I head to the studio for photography sessions. You can help me find the right poses to show of the pieces? All you need to do is give me a call, and we can set up a date!