Escorting In San Diego

Anise Prefers An Afternoon Delight

aniseHello there boys and girls. My name is Anise, and I'm an escort that loves my dates during the afternoon. If you are looking for a nighttime date, then pass me by because I'm unavailable during this time, unless of course, you book it well in advance. If you do book me in advance, I'd like an afternoon or morning incorporated into our date-time...I'm not the type that likes the night! Here is some more about me to tempt you!

There's Something About The Sunlight

When it is sunny outside, I become alive with energy! I'm a morning person by nature and I rarely stay up past 10:00 p.m. For this reason, I have indicated to my bosses that I am out of the circuit for nighttime dates. I can't keep awake! I become sluggish and well, boring. Yup, it's true. Even escorts become boring at some point. Hire me for a daytime date though, and you'll be shocked to see how much energy I've got. I go, go, go until it is time for me to leave. The sun brings out the best in me. If it's a rainy day, I'm just as energetic. I just use coffee to help get me going!

I Love Thinking About What Others Are Doing

When you are spending time with me, I will likely wonder about what the rest of the world is up to while we are going at our own thing. Many of them are stuck at work performing tasks that are far from exciting. We, however, will be engaging in a ton of intimacy. We will be getting crazy while everyone else is just trying to get through their day. We can laugh about it and enjoy this time together...I know I will! I'd never make it in a desk job way! I would probably get fired for wearing something too revealing anyway. Nope, I'll keep this job because it is interesting and it makes me feel good to make others feel good.

I'd Rather Spend All Our Time Alone

Some escorts prefer to go out with their dates for a while before they head back to a secluded place. Not me. I would rather forego that wining and dining nonsense altogether. You won't have to waste money or time trying to butter me up. Who needs that anyway? I want to get right down to business in getting to know you in the closest way possible. I'm here for your entertainment and I prefer to do so without having to go out and be nice to other people in the process. There's really no need. Let me meet you right at your hotel room or home, and we can indulge in all that's available to excite us. Stripping. Massage. Lapdances. Tantra. Bubble baths. Truth or dare. Role-playing. Fetishes. Whatever you have in mind, I'm the girl who can make it happen....but only during the daytime hours!