Escorting In San Diego

An Escort Reviews Her Time in San Diego

cindy3Hello there! I am here to let you know what happens when you hire an escort in the San Diego area. I am not going to let on about which escort I am because I'd like you to peruse the profiles yourself and make a choice depending on what you read and what you see. This will give you a bit of mystery, as maybe you will select me...and maybe you won't! You can always ask your date if she is the one who had written this review...all my coworkers know it was me, and they will let you know.

One of my best experiences in the city is with a client I will call "Bob". Bob is your average guy, one that doesn't stand out in a that has a job that requires him to travel. Well, he traveled to San Diego and like most guys who are alone sitting in a hotel between work tasks, he got extremely bored and lonely. He reached out to us and I happened to be the escort he selected.

I want my clients to know how much they are appreciated and I got down to business and asked Bob what it was he would like out of his date. He told me he just wanted to feel the touch of a woman and wanted someone he could converse with. Right up my alley. We decided to hit the town for a bite to eat, had a few cocktails, and Bob all of a sudden got adventurous. He figured...while he was here, why not strut his stuff and go out where others can see a beautiful woman on his arm. 

We went dancing, we went drinking, we met some awesome people and engaged in conversation and lots of laughs. The date did not feel staged whatsoever. I felt totally comfortable with Bob, and he with me. This made what happened next feel like it was fate.

Bob asked me to come back to his room for a nightcap. That was the original plan anyway, to spend time alone. Well, going out first made it so much better. It gave both of us a sense of familiarity before we got into a spot where we were completely alone. It made the time we spent, something we can cherish. 

I am not one to kiss and tell...but Bob got more than he bargained for, and so did I. There's something to be said for opening up to someone else and learning about their wishes, personality traits, and quirks before getting intimate. It made our time together absolutely perfect in every way.

Unfortunately, I only see Bob maybe once a year. His job makes him travel all over the place, and San Diego hasn't been in the docket. So, I am looking to connect with a new client in the same way. Someone who can be there for me and vice versa. I want the excitement of the public eye as well as the seclusion with a romantic partner.

I am sure my story is shared by others I work with, so whoever you choose to be your escort, you may find a connection you didn't expect. Consider going out, learning about your date, then exploring each other with that sense of intimacy in play. We look forward to hearing from you!